Mercedes-Benz military G-class

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class or G-Wagen, short for Geländewagen (cross-country vehicle) in military form...

A Wolf of the German Army

A Greek Army vehicle in Military Police colors

Canadian Army G-Wagens

AGF (Light infantry vehicle) of the German special forces

Norwegian military MB240GD

Bulgarian Army G-class with HELBROC insignia

A LAPV Enok, the latest armored model of the German Army

Puch G of the Austrian Army


We personally like the LAPV (Light armored patrol vehicle) 6.X concept vehicle -- the augment to LAPV 5.4-- that improves offroad capability and agility. The orange is a bonus -- our signature color...

Mercedes-Benz 5.4

Mercedes-Benz 6.X concept

Mercedes-Benz 7.X concept

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