Documentation Of The Five First US Flights

In 1948, The Wright Brother's Estate donated 300 glass plate negatives and 2 nitrate negatives to the Library of Congress of photos that the Wright Brothers snapped between 1897 and 1928. Of the 300+ photos, 200 were taken between 1901 and 1911 to document their first forage into flight. Pretty spectacular!

Orville at left wing, Kitty Hawk, NC in 1901

Horace, Orville and Lorin Wright, Alexander Ogilvie and a group of journalists in 1911

Wilbur, Orville and Dan Tate in Kitty Hawk, NC in 1902

Orville flying, Kitty Hawk, NC in 1911

Wilbur at Big Kill Devil Hill, Kitty Hawk, NC in 1902

Crumpled glider wrecked by wind on Hill of the Wreck (named for a shipwreck) in 1900

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